What comes after the elevator pitch?

22 November 2023

So, you’ve crafted your epic elevator pitch and wowed a few members of industry with your unique value and capabilities. What now?  

Now that you’ve left a lasting impression, it’s time to take the next steps towards harnessing those connections and opportunities. 

Transitioning from pitch to action: 

  • Follow-up 

Don’t let those initial conversations fizzle out. Ensure you follow up promptly with a personalised message on LinkedIn or email. Reference specific points from your conversation to show your attentiveness and interest. Remember, it’s about building a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship. If appropriate, you can politely ask for introductions to others in their network or industry who might align with your career aspirations as well. 

  • Seek mentorship or advice 

If the conversation permits, express your admiration for the individual’s career journey and ask for guidance or mentorship. People often appreciate being valued for their expertise. You’ll find that majority of the time people love to talk about themselves, so will be more than happy to help you. 

  • Offer assistance or collaboration 

Show willingness to assist or collaborate on projects if the opportunity arises. This demonstrates your proactive approach and commitment to adding value beyond your initial introduction. The connections you make should be a two-way street – what you bring to the table is equally important. 

  • Stay engaged on professional platforms 

Keeping active on LinkedIn or other networks will help to keep you front of mind. This could be sharing relevant content, liking and commenting on their posts and continuing to post about your own updates and achievements. 

  • Expand your reach 

While your elevator pitch definitely impressed a few, don't limit yourself to those immediate contacts. Attend networking events, workshops, or industry conferences. Engage in online forums or join professional groups to broaden your network. Networking isn’t just about quantity; it’s about the quality of connections you cultivate. 

  • Utilize UQ’s resources 

The Career Development Team provides a range of workshops, events and online resources that are available all year round to assist with your career journey. These resources are all free to students. Head to the events page to register. There is also a self-paced online platform called My Career Adviser that is a great one-stop-shop for everything from resume writing to identifying your value proposition. 

Remember, an elevator pitch is just the beginning. It’s a tool to open doors, but it’s your follow-up actions and ongoing effort that will help you turn those initial connections into meaningful opportunities and relationships. 

Stay proactive, adaptable, and persistent in your pursuit of career development. Good luck! 


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