Resumes and applications

Stand out during the application process

Most vacancies will require applicants to apply in a particular format including responding to criteria. Following the instructions outlined by employers will assist you through the early stages of screening.

What separates a tailored application from a generic application is evidence that you have researched the organisation, know what they are looking for and that you are genuinely interested in working for them.

 Tailor your application

 Make note of keywords

 Address selection criteria

Tips and resources


Start developing a generic resume then tailor it to the job and organisation you are applying for.

Mark the key words in the advertisement of the vacancy that you are interested in and include these words in your resume.

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Cover Letters

Cover letters are an important part of a job application as they demonstrate your communication skills, interest in the role/industry and highlight your understanding of how your skills and attributes

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Selection Criteria

Many applications require a response to key selection criteria.

Selection criteria give applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their communication skills, exposure, depth of knowledge and understanding of how their unique skills and experiences may benefit themselves and the prospective employer.

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Online Assessments and Testings

Many graduate recruiters will require you to go through an online application process. 

This may include a cover letter, resume, short responses and online tests. Initial tests are usually emailed and are required to be completed within a designated time-frame.

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How we can help

We provide resources and hold workshops to optimise your application

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To learn the basics on resumes, cover letters, selection criteria or interviews, you can attend a resume workshop.
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