The Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme offers internship placements to bright, articulate 2nd year (and above) students who are interested in an 8-week, full-time placement in a US Congressional Office. 

This highly selective program matches students from a variety of academic disciplines including international relations, politics, commerce, law, communications, economics and sciences, with a US Congressional Office. 


UCWIP interns are accorded significant access to the US political system and institutions across their internships each January/February. In-office experiences will vary widely according to the needs of the congressional hosts. Administrative functions, constituent liaison, and legislative research and support have been among past internship touchstones. Offices typically encourage interns to attend hearings, briefings and press conferences both on and off Capitol Hill..

More information regarding the program can be found in the UCWIP primer.

Important dates

  • UCWIP Information Session: March 31, 1:00pm - 2:00pm, Building 39A, Room 402
  • Teleconference: April 26, 11:00am - 12:00pm, HASS Faculty Conference Room
  • Initial Application to UQ Abroad: 01 May 2017
  • Final application submission deadline for shortlisted applicants: 05 June 2017

Eligibility and application

All applicants must meet the standard UQ Abroad Student Eligibility Criteria and must be eligible to receive credit for the program. Please see the 'Credit' tab for more information.

Applicants must be Australian Citizens due to visa restrictions. 

This program impacts on UQ semester 1, 2018 dates, UQ students must meet the additional special conditions for programs that impact on teaching dates.

Applicants must submit an online application to UQ Abroad in the Winter application round. Please download the UCWIP Application Form and upload the document, plus supporting application materials in one PDF file to your online application. Applications will not be assessed without the UCWIP application. 

Applications will be shortlisted after the application deadline. 

Apply to UQ Abroad



Students must be eligible to receive credit toward their current UQ program to be eligible to participate in the UCWIP. Maximum of 2 UQ Units for successful completion of the entire program (pending UQ faculty approval).

Applicants must submit the appropriate credit application to their Faculty before submitting their application to UQ Abroad. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your application to the UCWIP program and the possibility of credit with your Faculty before submitting your application

  • Law: Law students may be able to utilise LAWS4114 for the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme.  To be eligible to participate in the Programme, Law students must not have previously completed LAWS4114, and pre-2015 students must have at least one elective remaining in their program.  Further, students must have completed at least #32 of LAWS courses and have a LAWS GPA of 5.7. Students should contact Helen Lee, BEL Faculty International Mobility Coordinator with any questions. 
  • BEL Faculty: students seeking pre-approved credit for any BEL course towards this internship must contact Helen Lee, BEL Faculty International Mobility Coordinator.
  • Political Science and International Studies: POLSIS students may be able to utilise POLS3801 for the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme. Students should ensure they meet the POLS3801 eligibility requirements of #12 units of POLS courses and a minimum GPA of 5.0 for these courses before submitting their application as these requirements are strictly enforced. Students must apply for the POLS3801 Internship by completing the POLS3801 Application Form and submit this together with their UCWIP Application to UQ Abroad. Please Note: Students are required to enrol in POLS3801 in Semester 1 of the year they return from the UCWIP and are required to write a 6,000-wordt to be assessed for credit.


The program fee is approximately $15,000. More information regarding program fees can be found in the UCWIP primer.

Applicants may also be eligible for UQ-specific funding


Accommodation is included in the program cost. For more information regarding accommodation, please see the UCWIP primer.


Find out what this fantastic opportunity is really like from previous interns:

William Lee - 2013/2014 Intern
Carl Tessmann - 2011/2012 Intern
Bryon Hewson - 2009/2010 Intern
Angus O'Brien - 2008/2009 Intern
Ally Foat - 2007/2008 Intern
Anna Keenan - 2006/2007 Intern
Marianna O'Gorman 2005/2006 Intern

You can also view a video of the 2017 UCWIP Receiption for more information. 

Key Dates

Application Deadlines

UQ Abroad: 01 May 2017

Program Dates

Start: 02 January 2018
End: 02 March 2018

Fast Facts

Type: Internship
Mode: Study abroad
Location: Washington, DC, USA
Credit: For-credit
Cohort: Undergraduate, Postgraduate