Shawn - Yonsei University

B Science
Semester 2, 2018

Academic experience

I was enrolled into the Korean Language Institute's Intensive Learning program which ran daily from 4-6pm, a course on Society & Human Behaviour, as well as a course on Chinese Characters used in the Korean language. These courses helped to round out my learning, as well as providing a shift in my perspective of learning. The registration process for the classes was a mileage-based system in which you were given a certain amount of points to "bid" towards courses, with you bidding more points towards the courses you prioritised most.

Personal experience

I gained a lot from this exchange to Seoul. I made lasting friendships with people from all around the world, and travelled places I may have never thought to have previously. I learnt a lot about the Korean culture and its language.


I lived on-campus at the international student dormitories. The best part about this was the proximity to the school and the ease of meeting new people in the dorms.


The rent that I paid for a single room in the SK Global dorm was approximately $3300 AUD over the 4 months that I stayed in Seoul. Food was relatively cheap as meals could be had from 5000-10000 KRW ($6-$12 AUD) generally. Convenience stores are everywhere in Seoul and food can be bought for as little as 1000 KRW, items such as triangle kimbaps, sausages, or instant ramen. Transport is relatively cheap with a ride on the subway costing around 1200 KRW.


The biggest challenge I faced during my experience was finding a way to manage personal time, class time, and social time, as is usually the case with university. I managed to overcome it by finding a careful balance in which I was able to meet those needs to a reasonable extent.

Professional Development

Skills that I developed during my exchange experience were definitely skills such as diligence, time management, and social skills.


The highlight of my experience would definitely have to have been the nightlife in Seoul and eating and drinking with the new friends I made.

Top tips

I'd definitely say that it's an amazing experience which leaves you with lasting memories.