Maxine - University of Edinburgh

B Arts
Semester 2, 2018
Exchange woke the travel bug!

Academic experience

My lecturers and tutors were all wonderful, very approachable and engaging. The workload and expectations were similar to UQ. Overall my university experience was very positive and smooth-running.

Personal experience

Exchange gave me the opportunity to explore new places, meet many wonderful people and make many new friends.


I lived in a shared university flat with three other lovely international students. I would highly recommend university accommodation (it is very easy to organise and a place is guaranteed for exchange students) as it allowed me to meet other students and also relieved the stress of finding accommodation.


I think that overall the cost of living in Edinburgh was equivalent to Brisbane. The thing which really taxes your budget is the constant temptation of ridiculously cheap flights to Europe every weekend which really add up in the end, but are definitely worth it!


The biggest challenge was overcoming homesickness; you just need to get out there, make some friends and really live in the moment, don't worry about what is happening at home.

Professional Development

Exchange really boosted my confidence which I believe has contributed to my personal and professional development by allowing me to approach new situations and experiences with the knowledge that I can overcome any challenges that may present themselves.


There were so many amazing experiences it is difficult to pick a highlight, but I would have to say Edinburgh's Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations were absolutely spectacular!

Top tips

Exchange is a wonderful experience that everyone should have! Make sure to take advantage of being in a new place and immerse yourself in the new culture- try all the food, listen to the music, do what the locals do!