Yu Hung - Tulane University

B Commerce
Semester 2, 2018
Although it may be a little overwhelming at times, if you keep an open mind, you'll enjoy the experience and make the best memories.

Academic experience

I studied at the Freeman school of Business during my exchange. I studied two finance courses, one marketing, and two communication courses. The biggest challenge is adapting to the different focus on academics. Tulane Business School professors focused a lot on presentations, papers, and group work. Overall it was difficult to adjust at first, however, the professors were very helpful throughout the semester. The enrolment and registration was fairly straightforward and I had no issues there.

Personal experience

Friendships from many places around the world. I was lucky enough to also explore D.C. during fall break, and Richmond Virginia. I believe I have matured over the semester, and the exchange has forced me to mature and become a more rounded person.


Off-campus in Uptown New Orleans. My roommates were really nice and showed me around the city. Tulane University provided us with many options, and I chose to use Tulane Classified to look for housing.


  • $700 for rent per month.
  • $1.25 for street car, $10-15 uber and lyft, $80 bike from walmart
  • $5 pitchers at Brunos
  • $10,000 for the semester is more than enough to cover all expenses.


The first few weeks were the biggest challenge for me because I was the only person going from the University of Queensland. Although I did not know anyone there, I was quick to make friends with both my roommates, and the other exchange students.

Professional Development

I developed in the ability to take on challenges, and keep an open mind.


Travelling during Fall break. Having Thanksgiving in New Orleans for the first time. Spending Christmas in New York.

Top tips

Live off-campus near Broadway. Go to as many events as you can, especially Tulane tailgate, and Tulane homecoming. Get a bike from Walmart.