Hei Yik - University of Zurich

B International Studies
Semester 1, 2018

Academic experience

I mostly studied different courses related to political science, and some about religions and Swiss hisotry as well. Personally I found the Swiss academic system very competitive, and it was a very good motivation for me to try harder throughout the semester. The registration process was mostly like what we have with SI Net, just with different names and enrolling time.

Personal experience

Definitely friendship, I now have friends all over Europe, and I've already planned to meet up with a Swiss friend of mine at Sydney in February. Europe is a very nice place for people who love history and politics to travel, my trip to Poland and England was absolutely magical. You would learn how to stay calm and make rational choices when something unexpected came up because sometimes you'll have no choice but to face the tricky situation.


I stayed at a student accommodation with WOKO, not exactly provided by UZH but it was really close to the campus. Be patient and very tolerant with your fellow housemates, everyone comes from everywhere, where is going to be conflicts and disagreement.


Switzerland (especially Zurich) is very expensive compared to southern and eastern Europe so your budget could really vary but expect around 650 CHF for rent per month, and around 600 CHF for transportation and food.


The workload in Uni was very hard to adjust to, but I had no choice but to push through it.

Professional Development

I definitely gained a lot of experience in managing my personal finance and dealing with bureaucracy, they would be very useful for people who are looking at developing a career overseas.


My trip to Norway and Spain.

Top tips

Be sure you would be able to manage a double workload at UQ, and just enjoy this city and Uni.