Angus - University of Lausanne

B Arts/Laws & Dip Languages
Semester 1, 2018

Academic experience

I studied 'French as a foreign language' courses at the Université de Lausanne. The courses can be registered online in a fairly straightforward process that is outlined by the university. Classes can be attended for the first couple weeks without registering for them. The greatest challenge of studying at UNIL was the lack of indication made by lecturers of the assessment content. For some courses, the content of exams was not foreshadowed at all, in contrast to the approach ordinarily adopted by lecturers at UQ.

Personal experience

I gained the opportunity to live in a foreign country for several months. This allowed me to improve my French language skills. I also got to travel all over Switzerland and, indeed, the rest of Europe. I also utilised the opportunity of studying in Europe to undertake a 3 month internship in The Hague after the completion of my studies.


I lived off-campus in student accomodation organised by the university. The accomodation was fine and the only difficulty that future UQ students may encounter is the logistics of living with 7 other people in a shared flat arrangement.


Switzerland is very expensive and, even with half-price travel, getting around the country can be costly. The cost of food is manageable as long as you don't eat takeaways. There are also potentially unforeseen costs like insurance and registering with the local municipality. Students should budget to at least spend the $6000 or so loan they receive from UQ.


The biggest challenge was quickly adapting to living in a foreign country. But this process was made easier by the host university and being able to ask for assistance from fellow UQ students and my house-mates.

Professional Development

I have improved my foreign language skills.


Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen valley.

Top tips

Budget well, pack cold weather clothing, take every opportunity to travel while in a central location in Europe/having the benefit of a half-price travel card while in Switzerland.