Tomea - Prague University of Economics and Business

B. Economics/Laws (Honours)
Semester 2, 2018
Exchange was an incredible experience - filled with friends, captivating studies and adventures abroad.

Academic experience

At VSE (The University of Economics, Prague), I studied 4 general economic electives - World Economy, Globalisation, International Business Operations and Foundations of Business Strategy. In order to enrol for these subjects I used the InSIS student portal that is provided by the university (in somewhat the same manner as UQ mysinet). I thoroughly enjoyed the global aspect of my subjects and the way in which the lecturers were able to relate content to current European Affairs. I felt privileged to be able to study such up-to-date information. A major challenge was the language barriers that I sometimes encountered when working with professors and students in group work. However, this was easily rectified and did not drastically infringe on my learning.

Personal experience

Studying with international students has allowed me to adapt effectively to cultural variations and differing study environments – helping to develop my intrapersonal skills and resilience. I also was fortunate enough to visit a multitude of countries on the weekends due to the central location of the Czech Republic and for this reason explored different cultures and met amazing individuals.


I lived at a student accommodation building 15 minutes from the university. It was incredible to be share the accommodation with all the other exchange students studying at VSE and made making friends all too easy. The host university was extremely helpful in organising the accommodation and frequently stayed in contact with the students in the buildings.


Overall, I spent $10,000 on travel, food, transport, entertainment and accommodation and felt like this was a sufficient budget for 4 months and left me with no financial constraints.


Initially classes were hard to follow due to the language barrier. However I was able to easily adapt and if I was unsure of any of the content, I approached the lecturers after class to ensure that I had correctly understood.

Professional development

I have developed effective interpersonal skills and resilience throughout my exchange experience. For this reason, I feel like I could easily adapt to a fast paced and foreign working environment with ease.


The highlight of my experience was the incredible individuals I met from all over the world and the ability to explore Europe during my time on exchange.

Top tips

I would recommend staying at the student accommodation as it meant that you were easily able to make friends and integrate yourself into university life.

Tomea - University of Economics, Prague