Eric - University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

B. Business Management/Arts
Semester 1, 2018
One of my favourite activities to do was relaxing in the tropical, sunny Malaysian weather.

Academic experience

Nottingham Malaysia is a quiet, remote campus located 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur's city centre. With a student population of around ~10 000, the university is quite small and communal, and extremely diverse, with international students coming from all corners of the world, as well as students from all ethnic groups in Malaysia. Local students call the campus the "jungle" which is quite true, it's an amazing campus that is surrounded by scenic views and has a relaxed vibe. One of my favourite activities to do on campus was relaxing in the university pool in the tropical, sunny Malaysian weather, whilst talking to friends. Campus life was slow, relaxed, and very tight knit.

At Nottingham Malaysia, I studied six courses from Nottingham University Business School, which is a lot compared to UQ. Lectures were comparable to tutorials at UQ, the class sizes were very small and I got to know many people in my classes. In terms of assessment, they are same standard as UQ, but some courses having 100% final, others having 100% coursework assessment. Doing six courses was difficult, as each course had 10 weeks of material, and I was travelling every weekend, which made keeping up difficult. However, this only applies to the business school.

The enrolment process is very straightforward, everything is done by paper, and you hand in the courses you wish to take to the faculty office.

Personal experience

I made many friends on exchange! Nottingham Malaysia is a very tight knit community and you see the same faces around campus every day. There are many activities on campus that you can easily participate in, and many students play social sports for fun. The exchange students cohort is mostly from the UK campus, with a handful of others coming from other parts of the world. In total there were only around 50 exchange students and we become one big family! A highlight was spending Chinese New Years in Melaka and being surrounded by fireworks at midnight with everyone. The best part is that even after exchange, you can visit them all at the UK campus!

Kuala Lumpur is the hub of Asia, and flights were really cheap e.g. Return flights to Thailand ~$50, Vietnam ~$90. Every weekend I usually travelled to somewhere in Malaysia or Asia. Travelling all of Asia is a difficult feat in one exchange, but being situated in KL made it easy. There were many highlights, but the most memorable trip was spending 3 weeks in Vietnam and travelling from north to south. An undiscovered gem in Asia is Indonesia's Lake Toba, go see for yourself!


I lived on campus, the rooms are great and extremely cheap. Half of exchange students stayed on campus and the other half stayed at Univillage which is just outside the entrance of the university. Some students moved to Univillage after a month, since it is where most students go hang out at night, since it has a food court, bar and a nice area to relax. I would definitely stay at Univillage since most days I found myself walking there to eat, and hang out with everyone. However it is only a 7 minute walk away. I don't recommend staying off-campus.


The cost of living in Malaysia is very cheap. Rent cost me $230 AUD a month all bills included. A meal cost around $3 AUD. Travel was also cheap with flights going for $40 to places like Indonesia (Go to Lake Toba, its amazing). Transportation to and from Kuala Lumpur was free with the shuttle bus (4 times a day), you can also take the shuttle bus to the closest MRT station. Ubers/Grab was cheap, and usually cost 50RM ($~13) for a 40min drive to KL city centre, this cost was usually split between 4 people.


The biggest challenge on exchange was managing my time, since the workload was quite intense, and I was travelling out of the country most weeks.

Professional development and employability

In terms of professional development, my leadership skills have improved immensely. I have also developed my people skills further. My exchange experience exposed me to many people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and I have further improved my cross-communication skills.


I had an unforgettable birthday party on a helipad with a breathtaking view of the city and Twin Towers! Check out Helipad Bar and Lounge!

Top tips

Just do it! If you want an exchange experience filled with travel and amazing memories, go to Nottingham Malaysia! Travel as much as possible! Check out Lake Toba in Indonesia, it's an amazing place!