Alysha - Copenhagen Business Sschool International Summer University Program

Bachelors of Commerce/Laws (Honours)
July 2018

My experience

I was initially drawn towards studying at CBS due to its global recognition as a leading school for business. I studied an undergraduate course in financial modelling and found that it was an incredibly valuable addition to my finance studies, particularly in light of the absence of such a course within the UQ finance curriculum. My favourite aspect of studying overseas was the opportunity to become completely immersed in the Danish student life, meeting students from all over the world and picking up a few Danish language phrases here and there.

How has the experience changed you?

The experience opened my eyes to a world of opportunity upon completion of my undergraduate studies. Previous to this experience, I had not considered pursuing post-graduate studies. However, today I look forward to returning to Copenhagen sometime in the future, potentially to complete my Masters in Business. I can safely say that this short-term exchange has been the biggest highlight thus far in my university studies, and I am incredibly grateful for the support UQ provides in facilitating this opportunity for students.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory from the experience is meeting students from all around the world, making friendships which will last a long way into the future. Together we explored not only Denmark, but also bordering countries, including Sweden. Furthermore, Copenhagen is a real food hub; whilst expensive, it is truly worth the spend. The Reffen Street Food market is a platform for local food start-ups, a true highlight of my Copenhagen food adventure. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed using a bike as my primary mode of transport, a complete contrast to life in Brisbane.

Top tips

I would recommend that any students contemplating a short-term experience at CBS reach out to past UQ exchange students in order to get all the necessary ins and outs regarding the exchange prior to their trip. For me, this was incredibly helpful in planning the essentials prior to departure, such as accommodation, as well as sourcing numerous tips regarding food, transport and places to visit whilst in Copenhagen. Past exchange students were more than happy to lend a helping hand in this regard.