Ebony - AIM Overseas Cambridge Sciences

Bachelor of Arts/Engineering
July 2018

My experience

It was amazing. I went to Stratford to see Macbeth and the went to the sites where several nobel prize laureates made space discoveries. I also got to stay in one of the old colleges of Cambridge university, it was like Hogwarts!

I stayed in Selwyn college where they had this massive dining hall. Meals were three courses long and the food was great. I had my on room, located close to the close to the lecture halls. It was an awesome experience.

How has the experience changed you?

I feel more open about the world and meeting new people. I made awesome new friends and travelled around London afterwards, seeing the Harry Potter play and absorbing the history. It was so cool!

Favourite memory

Definitely the field trip to the botanical gardens. We had an awesome botany professor who seemed to know everything about plants. Did you know the fruit of deadly nightshade isn't poisonous? Only the seed is!

Top tips

Put all your fears behind you and just do it! You won't regret it!


I received a Travel Grant by through UQ Abroad. It helped me pay for air fares.