Britney - UCL Summer School

Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce
July 2018

My experience

UCL Summer School was an easy choice for me!  I have always wanted to go to London for several reasons, including its ideal location for travel, vibrant city and cultural diversity.  UCL provided the most convenient dates and credit availability.  I completed a course called ‘Quantitative Finance: Maths in Investment Banking’ which was both challenging and interesting.  While this is not particularly relevant to my degree (majoring in Accounting), it was an interesting extension to my learning.

How has the experience changed you?

I received many benefits from this program in many forms.  Firstly, being exposed to the European grading structure and course demands demonstrated a unique perspective on learning.  These skills I am eager to transfer to my home studies.  Furthermore, exploring London provided an avenue for personal growth and development in an exceptional location. This propagated my independence and propelled my desire to continue travelling the world – I’m already looking forward to my next trip!

Favourite memory

Being in London for the World Cup was certainly a highlight!  The atmosphere around the city was electric for the entire series and demonstrated the proud British culture.  Furthermore, having completed another exchange experience the year prior, I was able to meet up with all of my friends from this. Spending a month with my closest friends from around the world, without a doubt, was my favourite times of the experience.

Top tips

Most importantly, ensure you have the appropriate prerequisite knowledge. Completing an advanced finance course was far more challenging than I anticipated (but was the only course I was able to gain credit for from UCL) as I have limited finance experience and it had a demanding mathematical component. While it was manageable, it was certainly far more difficult than I expected. If I had my time again, I would probably have chosen an easier subject so I had more time to enjoy the spoils of London!


I was fortunate enough to receive the UQ Travel Grant to support my experience.  This generous bursary made the demands associated with exchange (particularly in a city as expensive as London) more manageable, and allowed me to fully enjoy the opportunities available.