Maddison - AIM Overseas Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts
July 2018

My experience

I decided to apply for the Conflict Transformation and Social Justice course in Northern Ireland because I never did exchange during my university degree, and I always regretted it. The program looked really interesting and I had never studied Irish politics before so I was excited for a new perspective on approaching state conflicts. In the course, we studied the Irish conflict in depth, with a particular emphasis on the Northern Irish 'Troubles' and learnt about broader intrastate conflicts. Multiple strategies to approaching these conflicts were offered, and lectures from both Queen's University and some international universities spoke. I found it incredibly relevant to my International Relations major and my favourite aspect of it was the alternative perspective the course offered.

How has the experience changed you?

Other than learning the coursework, the program gave me a new group of friends and professional connections. I also got to travel to Oxford, London and Dublin on the weekends which was an incredible experience because this trip was my first time in the UK.

Favourite memory

The field trip to Giant's Causeway and other Game of Thrones locations.

Top tips

My only advice would be to apply.


I received a $1000 travel grant from UQ.