Kimberley - AIM Overseas Food and Wine Trends and Innovation

Bachelor of Business Management/International Hotel and Tourism Management
July 2018

My experience

For me, the choice was easy - I love food and I love wine so when I saw there was a course to study this, I was instantly drawn to it. It also fits hand in hand with my degree as I major in hospitality. I feel so lucky to have studied these topics in a country that is world renowned for them as well as being so rich in beauty and culture. As another bonus, this subject counted toward my degree - so I was able to tick another subject off my degree.

How has the experience changed you?

Many people go to Italy and explore the main places such as Florence, Venice, Milan etc. I got to experience first hand the small town culture of Italy in a small town called Piacenza. Here, not many people spoke English so we were forced to learn phrases in order to get by. Around Piacenza we explored Bobbio - a beautiful town with a bridge as old as anything, Lake Garda - a beautiful lake with a castle on its banks and Cinque Terre - the five lands, accessible predominantly by train with stunning beaches.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory was visiting a Parmigiano Regiano factory and being able to see the full process of production and then in the end getting to taste it!

Top tips

If you are tossing up whether to go or not - DO IT! Also, after packing your bag, go through and take half of everything out - there is nothing worse than lugging around so much stuff that you haven't even worn!


Yes. I received $1000 from UQ as a travel grant and this money went toward my flights! I also used the OS Help Loan to pay for my course which was $5,500.