Xiaojing - AIM Overseas Fashion Events and Public Relations

Bachelor of International Hospitality and Tourism Management
July 2018

My experience

I am majoring in event management and fashion events and PR is one of my most favourite topics, as well as one of the directions I would like to go on for my master degree. It was a great adventure, I have learnt many real-life practical skills in events planning and operation, as well as different cultures, which is a big highlight of the program. This has determined my mind of further studying PR in the future.

How has the experience changed you?

This journey has strengthened my event planning, operation and management skills, communication skills,  and presentation skills. As it was my second time travelling to Florence, it also offered me a chance to have a deeper understanding of this amazing city. I have made a lot of friends who share a lot in common with me as well.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory is that after my group members and I spent three weeks working on the communication strategy plan and event proposal for the program, we finally held the Fake Illusion Event successfully. Our joy and the sense of accomplishment is hard to express by words.

Top tips

This is worth experiencing as it is totally different from what you learn at school. Just go and enjoy yourself on the journey!


I received 1000 Australian dollars for funding. It has contributed to cover part of my accommodation fee in Italy.