Nora - AIM Overseas International Human Rights Law in Argentina

Bachelor of Arts/Laws
July 2018

My experience

I studied International Human Rights Law at UNLa in Buenos Aires. I’ve always wanted to work in international law and advocacy generally. The course provided a rare opportunity to gain insight into one of the most interesting legal systems in the world, and a country with a fascinating political history. I loved being immersed in that history and seeing first hand how the entrenchment of human rights law into the domestic legal system impacts the daily lives of citizens.

How has the experience changed you?

I met many interesting people and a lot of young lawyers from both Argentina and Australia. The experience definitely made me want to further pursue IHRL in post graduate studies.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory from the experience was being brought to tears by a speech given by one of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo on her visit. She was a remarkable character and an inspiring personality - a true testament to the power of female actors in challenging oppressive regimes.

Top tips

I would advise that everyone do at least one exchange during their university degree, if possible. The perspectives you experience will add substantially to your education and grow you as a person. Be sure to do your readings and commit to your learning, but also keep in mind that immersive programs are best experienced outside your dorm room or library. Learning how to dance tango or attending Independence Day protests are just as much a part of the curriculum! Meet locals and learn the language - you’ll have a great time.


I received an OS Help Loan and a UQ Abroad travel grant, and would not have been able to go without it.