Patrick - AIM Overseas Border Crossings

Bachelor of Social Sciences
July 2018

My experience

I chose this experience because I study some anthropology, including migration, and was interested to learn more about the European context. In Australia we obviously have more immediate access to information regarding our own responses to migration. I learned a lot of interesting things, but not a whole lot that was directly relevant to my degree. It was more of a patchwork of different researchers topics of study that lacked the cohesive theory based structure that I'm used to. My favourite part was being able to explore around a new country. Except we didn't get a lot of free time to do that. The organisers were lovely and planned so many fun trips and activities for us to do. I personally would have preferred more free time to do my own thing, but that just comes down to personality differences and expectations that they have to manage.

How has the experience changed you?

This was my first trip overseas by myself, so I gained a lot of perspective on the world and learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. It fuelled my desire for further travel! The friends I made were great as well and I was able to learn a lot about what I want in the future from my interactions with my fellow travellers and the staff at ISCTE.

Favourite memory

Exploring Lisbon with my new friends, eating the food, and drinking too much ginja!

Top tips

The course is packed with lovely staff and I love them all, but I personally didn't take away that much from the actual course content. I'd suggest taking this course if you're an Anthropology major because you will learn a lot of disparate, interesting information which you could focus on for future study/research.


I received the OS Help loan full amount. Without it I would never have been able to afford the program cost.