Jordan - CBS International Summer University Program

Bachelor of Economics/Commerce
July 2018

My experience

I chose the completed experience for numerous reasons. Firstly, the two courses I had remaining to complete my degree were not offered at UQ in the second semester. Undertaking the summer semester allowed me to complete the courses in a much more timely manner than I would’ve been able to otherwise; this enabled me to complete my degrees at the end of this year, instead of mid way through 2019. I also chose this experience as the courses and university itself looked interesting and Copenhagen appeared to be a beautiful place with great opportunities. Whilst on my summer semester I studied two courses - Financial modelling and International Financial management and hedging. These courses provided valuable practical content that I have not received from many courses elsewhere in my degree. The courses were definitely worthwhile and carry with them knowledge that I believe I would certainly be able to use within my professional career. My favourite part of studying overseas was the opportunity to meet new people from a huge spectrum of backgrounds and nationalities, it was also incredible to experience a different culture.

How has the experience changed you?

The experience certainly broadened my horizons in a social matter. I now have friends from all corners of the world! Copenhagen is a beautiful city, which taught me many personal skills. Due to not staying in a university college, I felt that on the exchange I became extremely self reliant and independent. Academically I learnt various advanced excel skills, which I believe will be very valuable. The experience also urged me to become more sociable in certain situations.

Favourite memory

I have numerous memories so choosing one specific memory would be very hard! I really enjoyed watching England play in the World Cup! I also had amazing times swimming in the canal with a few beers. The weather was incredible throughout my stay in Copenhagen.

Top tips

For future participants, I would suggest the following. You can either stay in a college or you can find your accommodation on your own. Personally, I opted to find my own accommodation - as this was much cheaper and I was unable to receive the OS help loan. If you decide to go down this path, I would suggest joining Facebook groups (Copenhagen accommodation etc), however, if you do this be careful that the accommodation is genuine, as when finding accommodation I had a scammer attempt to receive my money for accommodation they did not have! 

However, despite the accommodation I ended up renting being a beautiful apartment overlooking the canal, I would recommend staying at a college. I found myself spending most of my time at the student accommodation with friends. My apartment was about half an hour away from their student accommodation and this became a bit inconvenient. If you’re looking to meet new people, I would definitely suggest paying a bit more for the student housing. 

Also, Copenhagen is a very expensive place. But, if you’re smart with how you spend your money, it can be affordable! I would suggest shopping at Lidl or Netto as their prices are comparable to that of Australia.


I received a travel grant. The grant contributed to my flight expenses. However, if you are able to I would definitely recommend attempting to receive the OS Help loan. Unfortunately, due to my application being fairly last minute I was unable to receive the loan. This would’ve helped massively, but due to timing and it being my last two courses I could not receive it. Consequently, I would definitely recommend planning ahead.