Alexander - UCL Summer School: Session One

Bachelor of Science
July 2018

My experience

The decision to go to UCL Summer School was made mainly on the grounds that I wanted to go to a world renown university in the heart of London. Being able to travel around and explore England on the weekends was an added bonus. Particularly being able to take a quick train ride from Kings Cross to Oxford and Brighton for the day. I studied a module called 'Nanotechnology in Medicine' which was extremely relevant to my degree in Biomedical Science. It was absolutely worthwhile, as I was able to gain valuable experience in producing nanoparticles in the lab and was able to better understand the practical applications of the technology through field trips and participating in the radiology department of the Royal Free Hospital. My favourite aspect of studying overseas was being able to meet all the amazing people from a diverse range of countries, that I am certain will remain life-long friends.

How has the experience changed you?

Going to UCL Summer School was an incredible and life changing experience. I was able to interact and befriend people from all corners of the world. This allowed me pick up fragments from a plethora of languages; especially Spanish and Dutch. These forged friendships I am certain will last a life time. During my time in London, I was able to fully experience the city from St. Paul's Cathedral to the local Camden markets which was just a tube stop away from my residential hall, Garden Halls. Of course, a trip to London is not complete without a night at the theatre, in which I would strongly recommend "Phantom of the Opera". My weekend day trips away from town were also phenomenal; there really is nothing quite as spectacular as roaming around Oxford University or grabbing some famous fish and chips from Brighton Beach. Going to UCL really changes you personally, where every day is different. Working so closely with your friends in the module everyday strongly fosters a tight knit community that genuinely is inseparable. The module itself was also extremely stimulating and enabled me to develop my presentation and lab skills further. I would say my experience in London allowed me to gain a much greater appreciation of other cultures through my new international friends. At least now I know I'll have a place to stay when I next go to New York or Brussels.

Favourite memory

Of all my incredible memories, I would say the time the entire UCL Summer School went on a boat party on the River Thames. Being able to spend my last night in London cruising under the Tower Bridge with all the amazing people I had met during the course was an brilliant way to end an amazing adventure.

Top tips

UCL and UQ do a excellent job letting you know everything you should before you arrive. I would definitely recommend participating in all the events the university puts on; to fully make use of your time there. Also arriving in London a few days before the module starts is also a good idea, so there is enough time to get used to the Underground ( get an oyster card early!) and to recover from the dreadful jet lag that is inevitable.


I received a travel grant of $1000. The funding was used to contribute towards my accommodation and living expenses whilst in London.