Lily - AIM Overseas Rome Architectural Sketchbook

Bachelor of Architectural Design
July 2018

My experience

It was a great experience going back to drawing since architecture has been focused on digital drawings. It felt refreshing drawing again since it has been at least 3-4 years since I have drawn properly. My favourite memory was going to the grocery and observing products that Australia does not have. It may seem ordinary but trying fruit and food that I have never tried before was an interesting experience too. I enjoy experiencing the Italian culture.

How has the experience changed you?

The culture of Italy opened a new perspective for me to use these knowledge and apply them into my projects in architecture.

Favourite memory

I enjoyed going to different places of Rome to sketch using wide range of media such as watercolour, markers, pencils and pens.

Top tips

I wish I learned more of the country's language before going. The country had their own culture and etiquette. It is much more convenient to get around when you're able to speak their language.


The University of Queensland Short Term Study Travel Grant to the value of AUD $1,000 to subsidise my participation in a UQ Abroad approved Short-Term Global Experience for credit over Winter 2018. The grant was spent on art supplies for the elective that I chose in the program, public transport and groceries expenses.