Radharani - University of Birmingham

Bachelor of Education
Semester 1, 2018

Academic experience

I chose 4 courses: Shakespeare: Selected Plays, Empires and Nations, Intro to English Literature and Introduction to American Art History 1960s. I loved learning things that weren't technically in my course. It was good to gain knowledge in broader topics outside of education. It was challenging to learn how to write in a different style to how I was used to. I spoke to lots of current students, tutors and teachers and asked lots of questions.

Personal experience

I gained so many lifelong friends. I got to explore a lot of places in Europe (Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Stockholm and Belgium). I learnt how to travel and live by myself and learnt a lot  more about my capabilities and how I deal with challenges.


Birmingham buildingI technically lived off campus but I spent a lot of time on campus (slept over at my friends place on campus for months). I would suggest getting a place off campus as it saves you so much money and you will most likely make friends on campus anyway.


Overall I spent $10,000 in total on exchange. This is inclusive of rent, food, travels and anything else. It is relative, however, to the country you are living in. I lived in England and so this means I only used 5,000 pounds which, for 6 months, is like nothing. I recommend budgeting $1,000 a month for living but don't stress if you go over sometimes as you're there to have fun!

Professional Development

I have learnt that England needs Australian teachers! They're doing a lot of outsourcing in Australia, desperate to get us over there! But I also got lots of experience dealing and living with people who I might not necessarily like.


The highlight of my experience was making friends with local English people who invited us to stay over at their place during the long uni breaks. It was nice to have a family again.

Top tips

DO EXCHANGE! It's challenging in all the best ways possible and you learn that the world is so much bigger outside of Australia. I strongly suggest making friends with local people because you will get a more authentic experience.