Samuel - Technical University of Denmark

Bachelor of Engineering
Semester 1, 2018
I think as a young person perspective is important, and the best way to gain perspective during your studies is to go into a new and challenging environment.

Academic experience

At DTU the masters courses aren't too hard. I did three of them and got regular credit. Overall it's a bit easier than UQ, and you're encouraged to attend all your classes. It's really nice having full days lumped together rather than classes with big gaps between them. 

I recommend picking 4 subjects for your credit, and then picking any 2 subjects you think sound interesting. I did chemical engineering, but my favourite subject was a masters subject in microbiology.

Personal experience

Living on campus with the international students was great. You band together pretty well and I ended up travelling with quite a few of the friends I made there. I recommend doing weekend trips with Ryan Air. Don't plan too much, because undoubtedly you'll change your mind about where you want to go / do.


I stayed at campus village which was a container block. There were 25 blocks of 6 containers, with 10 students in each block. The living conditions were very poor. One toilet and one shower per 10 students, and if you got unlucky with your container mates, then the kitchen was very messy. That being said I had heaps of fun and loved the friends I made. Everyone really came together because we all shared the same struggles. And in the summer it was very beautiful and people were always outside saying hello and having fun together. 

Optimally you should apply for the on campus colleges such as Hempel and Kamsax. Those were the best two colleges and will be your best option by far.


I spent $11,000 including 2 months of travel. You could comfortable do the 6 months of study including small trips for under $9,000. I was very comfortable my entire semester.

Professional Development

I think people underestimate how much perspective you get from living in another country for six months. It really has been one of the best six months of my life and I've learned so much about myself and where I want to take my career. My interests in chemical engineering have changed as a result of seeing the way they do research and conduct themselves in Denmark, and I'm excited to bring a bit of that back to Australia.


My favourite part of exchange was seeing spring hit, and all the Danish people come outside and go crazy. People lose their minds when it gets sunny and the flowers come out. It's so beautiful and you really appreciate your surroundings.

Top tips

Apply for colleges early, take lots of small trips during your weekends, and go to all your classes. You'll make heaps of friends, and by the end it'll feel like you're saying goodbye to your home.