Susannah - Ghent University

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2018
Best experience of my life. Could not recommend more.

Academic experience

I took four courses: Architectural Design Studio: Design Development; Project Management in Construction; and two 'advanced topics': Image and Object and History and Theory of Non-European Urbanism and Architecture. 

The design course is very different - more about the technical aspects post-design process such as structural details; services integration etc. 

Highly advise taking a couple of advanced topics to fill your research quota: by far the most interesting, engaging theory subjects I have come across. Highly enjoyable class times with really wonderful tutors, and very hands-on course content (only short essays; interpretation through model making etc).

Personal experience

Met many wonderful people from all over the globe; traveled through a great number of European countries; learnt a lot about how architecture operates in Europe.


Lived off campus in a studio: you can apply for student accommodation, however I exchanged with my partner so it was easier for us to share the cost of a studio.


Student accommodation rent is 420 euros per month; we paid 650 for a studio (so 325 each). Food from a supermarket is around the same cost as here. Ghent's transport system is quite pricey, however you will rarely need to use it as you can either walk or ride a bike pretty much everywhere you need to go.

Professional Development

Living in a foreign environment and meeting many new people is great for developing social skills and cultural awareness.


It is hard to pick a singular highlight; so many fantastic experiences from skiing for the first time to the frequent Ghent social events to road-tripping around various parts of Europe with my partner Andrew.

Top tips

Join the Erasmus ESN Gent facebook page to be alerted of all the exchange social events and trips - and attend as many of these as possible as you will meet many fantastic people.