Lucy - Copenhagen Business School

Bachelor of Business Management/Arts
Semester 1, 2018

Academic experience

I study Business Management (majoring in Human Resources) and Arts. At CBS I completed three HR courses, Global People Management, Language of Negations and Negotiation Skills & Conflict Management. My fourth course was Danish, and this went towards one of my Arts electives. At CBS the courses all have 100% finals. My finals consisted of a 4 hour exam, an oral for Danish and two assignments (one 10 pages, the other 5 pages) which I had one week to complete. I found Danish to be the most difficult subject, but thought the classes were the most fun as it was all exchange students and a great way to meet new people. The format of the lectures was more of an interactive seminar with only 25-30 students, where we were taught the content and then completed group work. I received my final assessment timetable towards the beginning of the semesters, and this allowed me to organise travelling. 

When enrolling in these courses, I had to choose each course and then a backup course for each. Before enrolling I asked for a Letter of Priority from UQ to send to CBS as I had difficulty with the courses matching up to my HR major. Once the timetable is released, there is a certain amount of time for students to change subjects in case of overlaps with other courses as there are no options for choosing timetable times like UQ’s system. One of my courses had a bit of an overlap, but I didn’t change it and was able to manage the overlap easily.

Personal experience

My exchange in Copenhagen has been a very rewarding experience and incredibly worthwhile. I chose CBS for its great reputation and also because Copenhagen is an amazing city, but it’s the friendships I made and the places I went to that made it unforgettable.  
During the exchange I made a lot of great friends, they all lived with me at my residence. Together we explored the in and outs of Copenhagen as well as some other parts of Denmark and did weekend trips to other countries. A place in Denmark that I’d really recommend is Mons Klint. It’s a really nice chalk beach about a two hour drive from Copenhagen.


I lived at Nimbusparken which is a residence provided by the CBS Housing Department and is available to exchange students. This was off campus and located near many supermarkets. It was also quite close to the lot of the CBS buildings – the closest about a 5-minute walk away and the furthest about a 20-25 min walk. 

Nimbusparken had just opened in the spring semester 2018, so we were the first ones to live there. However, it is now only available to postgraduate students. 

There were six levels in the building and 22 people per floor. Each person had their own bedroom and bathroom and a shared kitchen with either 10 or 12 people. 

Living a student residence was the best way to meet people and make close friends.


Copenhagen is expensive. 

When buying a coffee at a café, I may cost around 35DKK which is about $7.5AUD. The supermarket prices are similar to Australia. 

Transport wise, I would recommend getting a bike or the monthly pass for public transport. Also, from the Copenhagen Airport it was easy to find return cheap flights for weekend trips away.

Professional Development

I think I have developed the ability to deal with people from all sorts of countries and cultures and this will definitely be beneficial in a professional sense. I also learned to be more independent.

I am definitely inspired to work overseas for at least a few years in my career.


The absolute highlight was making wonderful friends from all over the world and sharing the experience with them. It was very sad saying goodbye but I have no doubt I’ll be seeing them again.

Top tips

The application process is worth the effort. I think it’s a great opportunity UQ provides for their students to experience other cities while also continuing our university studies.