Wan Ling - Maastricht University

Bachelor of Business Management
Semester 1, 2018
YOEO! You only exchange once!

Academic experience

I studied Cognition, Learning and Human Performance, Digital Supply Networks, Consumer Behavior and Management of Operations&Product Development at SBE. The first three courses are not too hard and interesting. The learning system in UM is quite different, UM use PBL which means no lectures (maybe one in the beginning), 15-20 students tutorials and you have to facilitate the tutorials and speak out in classes. The classes are intensive and lots of readings to read beforehand but once you get used to it, you actually enjoy it because you can gain different views from different students and cultures.

Personal experience

UM or Maastricht in general is an international environment so I met people almost from all over the world! Since Maastricht is placed on the borders of three countries (Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands), I went to these three countries a lot for weekend trips. Moreover, I also travelled around Europe, even to North Africa which those trips became my highlights of my exchange! Maastricht is also a good place to learn a new language especially Dutch or French. I learned French during my exchange in Maastricht, and some of my friends learned Dutch.


I stayed at the UM Guesthouse, C building and I would say UM Guesthouse is the best choice for accommodation! My hall is like a family for me, we cooked, we partied and we studied together. UM Guesthouse offers C,P building and there is another building M run by SSH for exchange students. For C,P building, https://www.maastrichthousing.nl/ this website can give you all the information. For M building, https://www.sshxl.nl/en/cities/maastricht/completely-furnished-single-and-shared-rooms/m-building. They are all located in Brouwersweg 100, there is a shopping center nearby and around 20mins walk to SBE, and 25mins walk to city which the location is good as well. If you want to meet more exchange students, I will recommend UM Guesthouse but it is a bit expensive than renting a room outside guesthouse but you will definitely have a good time there!


The rent per month in c building for a single room is around 450-500 euro. Food in supermarkets are cheap. However, the transportation in the Netherlands are relatively expensive, especially trains. Buy an OV chip as soon as you arrive! Including travelling and entertainment, I would say 1000-1300 euro per month for budget. 

Professional Development

When studying at UM, my written and verbal communication skill and critical thinking skill improved a lot in terms of the PBL system. PBL system encouraged me to express my own opinions, think differently and enabled me to study/work independently and in a group.


The friendship I gained during my exchange and all the trips I went were the highlight of my exchange experience. I met so many lovely people from all over the world, travelled to many countries while studying and had a great time!

Top tips

- Plan your trips earlier!
- Balance your study and travels/parties!
- Join ISN events and make friends!
- Be open to different cultures and try new things!
- Buy a bike(no more than 55euro)!