Tahlia - University of Copenhagen

Bachelor of Arts/Science
Semester 1, 2018
A unique experience and opportunity to make friends and explore the world which you are unlikely to get again.

Academic experience

I studied two courses towards my bachelor of science (psychology extended major): The Feeling of Being (Theoretical and Empirical Approached to the Study of Human Consciousness) and Psychosocial Job Stress and Chronic Disease.

I also studied two courses towards my bachelor of arts (peace and conflict major/international relations major): The Politics of Immigration and The EU as a Global Actor.

Registration was easy enough, I was sent an email and filled out a PDF document to return of course preferences. They then responded with confirmation of the courses I had been enrolled in. Majority of the courses were higher level bachelors or masters courses as the Danes study their bachelors in Danish and Master in English, however you are still marked according to your level of study. This did mean that there were few contact hours and a lot more independent and self directed work however this allowed for flexibility for travel throughout semester.

Personal experience

I gained friendships from around the world and also caught the travel bug. These are the two things which stand out most about my exchange experience. Confidence in myself and knowledge that I can problem solve successfully is also a huge thing which I gained throughout this semester.


I lived off campus at one of the Housing Foundation properties, the University sent the link to get accommodation through this organisation and it is a good system but expensive. I would recommend living at one of these properties as other students you meet will be living in these buildings. Some students said they were able to save money by contacting the properties directly rather than going through the housing foundation.

I lived in a shared room which was a unique experience, and was a very smooth process. We also had a kitchen and bathroom in our room and that was great to not have a shared kitchen. I would recommend living as close to town as possible.


Rent was the most expensive element, however if you can contact the housing foundation properties directly you may be able to save some money. Transport is extremely reliable however a little expensive, it is cheaper with a travel card however I would definitely recommend getting a bike. This will not only save you money but it is a big element of social life in Copenhagen, there are plenty of facebook pages where you can buy a very good second hand bike for approx. $100 AUD and re-sell it before you leave. There are also some budget supermarkets (Rema 1000, Fakta, Netto) as eating out will be a large expense. I would recommend $6000 AUD for the semester, half of which was spent on my 6 months rent.

Travelling is the thing which I definitely spent the most money on, flights from Copenhagen are expensive so check Malmo and Hamburg airports as well as these are close enough. I would recommend $4000 AUD for 2 months of comfortable travel using busses and hostels.

Professional Development

Problem solving, determination and interpersonal skills are the attributes which I have developed most through this experience. The confidence in myself that I have gained and the varying range of experiences I had were invaluable for both future personal and professional goals.


The friendships and the travel opportunities were definitely the two biggest highlights for me. It is a unique situation when everyone is looking to explore and meet people and the low contact hours at KU allowed for a lot of flexibility.

Top tips

- Get a bike
- Do the university mentor programme
- Bring warm clothes and don't get scared off by the winter
- Save money before you go because you wont want to once you get there