Casey - University of Edinburgh

Bachelor of Arts
Semester 1, 2018
Better than I ever could have imagined. There was an aspect of my experience every day that had me saying "I can't believe this is real".

Academic experience

I studied two musical composition subjects and one advanced orchestration subject. The calibre of teaching staff was phenomenal, and the musical history within the nearly 500-year-old campus was unparalleled. The matriculation process was very streamlined and easy and I did not have any difficulties. I was very impressed that each student within the University of Edinburgh gets assigned a personal tutor who meets with you regularly to resolve any issues or concerns that arise at any point in the semester (including matriculation).

Personal experience

I made two BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE who were also on exchange (one from Canada and one from the USA) who I spent the entire semester with - whether it was day-to-day student life or traveling Europe together. We have already planned our 1 year reunion in 2019!


I stayed in residential halls on campus. I had a spacious private room with my own bathroom, and opted for the non-catered option so I had flexibility with my meals and lower costs. The University of Edinburgh made the process extremely easy (requiring little effort from me!) and I was able to move into my room as soon as I arrived in the city! There were approximately 500 students in my halls (both local and international students), so I made more friends than you can ever imagine!


For the UK, I would recommend budgeting for more than you expect... even for the most frugal person. I lived comfortably on $10,000 for the semester including accommodation, food, activities and extensive travel around UK and Europe!

Professional Development

I developed my confidence above anything else - confidence in my independence, confidence in my academic abilities at such an esteemed university, and confidence in meeting new people in an entirely new country.


The highlight of my experience was the strong friendships I made and studying at such a historical institution.

Top tips

If you have ever considered going on exchange even in the slightest - just do it! It will change your life. Budget for way more than you think, put yourself out there to every one you meet, and take advantage of the extensive travel opportunities!