Georgina - University of Leeds

Bachelor of Journalism/Laws
Semester 1, 2016

My experience

Exchange was incredible. A new country, a new city, a new…home. For six months of my life, I lived and breathed Leeds. I took in the student culture, the nightlife and the surrounding areas. I was excited to experience a “proper” winter overseas, although it came as a bit of a shock when English winters were not only cold, but also wet, windy and sometimes snowy. It was a bit strange that attendance was compulsory at every class and a roster was marked, but with only seven hours per week that didn’t exactly demand much! I met a lot of Brits, a lot more Aussies and even more Canadians. Leeds is such a student city which was something I didn’t know before exchange and because of that there are lots of things to do. There are so many clubs at the university that I wish I had gotten more involved in, particularly the hiking club, although I did do hiking through the university’s program called Get Out, Get Active (awesome, get involved!). I also took advantage of cheap flights, trains and buses and explored as much as I could before my semester finished. The majority of my travelling I did with the friends I made on exchange and I know that they’re going to be friends for life. Leeds is such a brilliant place for exchange and if it’s even one of the places you have the option to consider, you should go. As one of my friends said: YOLO – You Only Leeds Once.