Amy Bergman

Winter Research scholar
TC Beirne School of Law

Going into my third year of university in 2015, I had not previously given much thought to involvement in the opportunities UQ offers beyond the classroom. I viewed research as being on somewhat of a pedestal, too difficult for someone like me to make an impact.

Nonetheless, I applied for two Winter Research Projects through the UQ Advantage Office. I was successful in one of my applications and I was introduced to a whole new frontier as an undergraduate student. Research is an enormous slice of academic life that I had previously thought was the domain of postgraduate students at a minimum.

During my project, I was introduced to a UQ academic working on a similar long-term project of her own. I have since become her research assistant which is an incredibly fulfilling and enriching opportunity that enhances my academic life and UQ experience by the week.

I have attended roundtables and had discussions with internationally renowned academics in the field, I am co-authoring multiple papers, and have developed an insatiable drive to learn more and continue to get more out of my precious time in such an opportunity-rich place as UQ.

Amy Bergman