Narissa - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Business Management/International Hotel and Tourism Management
Semester 1, 2018

Academic experience

I studied courses relevant to my degree (Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of International Hotel, Tourism and Events Management). It was really interesting being able to learn in a different setting and experience different grading systems. You can really see the cultural influence on education. 

The enrolment and registration process at my university was very simple. I was required to attend a 1 on 1 session with an academic advisor who showed me how to search for relevant courses and enrol in them. During this session, we could figure out our study plan and also learnt of the the deadlines for these registrations.

Personal experience

As I was in Hong Kong for my exchange, it acted as a fantastic base for other travel in South-East Asia. During my time there I met some really incredible people who have now turned into some of my closest friends. Hong Kong was the perfect backdrop for the exchange, it is a beautiful place, teeming with culture, history and great food (and shopping).


I lived on campus in a dormitory/hall that was affiliated with a college. I loved it there and I loved my roommate, as well as my other dorm buddies. I didn't do any research prior to selecting my accomodation and while my experience turned out great, I'd advise others to look into their colleges before signing on to one. Some of my friends weren't as lucky with their housing. 

For Hong Kong, I'd advise on-campus housing. It's just so convenient, teeming with canteens and everyone else. It is also significantly cheaper as the dormitories are subsidised by the university while off-campus living is not.


It really depends on the lifestyle you choose to live. You could get by spending less than $700 per month. But if you chose to be more bougie and get out more you could spend up to $2000 per month...

Professional Development

I've developed my ability to communicate cross-culturally and spruced up my Cantonese skills (though it is still quite basic as most people in Hong Kong speak English). I've also been able to make some good connections by networking while abroad. I do recommend doing this, even if it's just the lecturers, they will be great references in the future.


Other travel. During my exchange I visited 9 countries. These memories are so special and I will look back on them for the rest of my life.

Top tips

Just do it. If you're on the fence about going abroad, don't be. The whole thing, from start to finish was just too much fun. Hong Kong became my home, and the people I met became my family. This is an experience that needs to be had.