Christina - Technical University of Denmark

Bachelor of Engineering
Semester 1, 2018
Exchange is a wonderful experience! One of the best things I've done! 

Academic experience

28221 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 
28350 Process Design 
33281 Biomaterials Engineering 
33323 Introduction to Nanotechnology
62629 Heat and Mass Transfer

DTU has a great balance between studies and other activities. As an exchange student, there is time to explore the city and to travel if you want to. 

Registration for courses is done online and is quite straightforward. If you have any issues, you can email the university and they will help you out.

Personal experience

The best thing about exchange was gain a new perspective on the way we live and study. They had a very different process to arrive at the same outcome with their studies.


I lived at Kampsax College on campus at DTU. I think it is one of the best colleges as I was with a mix of Danes and international students. This allowed me to get to know the culture a lot more.

It was great to be close to my classes, making those 8am classes a bit better. But it was about 50mins to get to the city, making it difficult to explore the city, especially in winter.


My accommodation was about $160 a week at college but this was cheaper than average. Groceries are slightly more expensive than Aus. Public transport is quite expensive, I would definitely recommend getting a anonymous Rejsekort (like a go card) as soon as possible to save yourself a lot of money. I also bought a bike to get to and from class, shops and the city. Cycling is really fun and saves money but make sure you have a good coat, scarf and gloves in the winter.

There are cheap buses, trains and flights available if you want to travel outside of Denmark. Book in advance to get a cheaper price.

Professional Development

DTU has great connections with industry. Their careers fair held in the first semester is a huge event with many many companies from Denmark and other countries in Europe. It was great to be able to talk to representatives from many different countries and discover what types of jobs are available, not just in Australia.


Copenhagen in the summer is a totally different experience to the winter. The winter is very very cold and dark and depressing. In the summer the place comes alive! It was so much fun making the most of the summer with new friends and enjoying the sunshine.

Top tips

I didn't open a danish bank account, I used a citibank Aus card which has good exchange rates and no ATM or transaction fees. Definitely would recommend.

Buying a bike:
There are several second hand bike groups on facebook, check there. They also have a secondhand platform called DBA (like gumtree) 

Save yourself some money by buying a Rejsekort (like a go card) as soon as you can. 

Finding Accommodation:
Make sure you apply through the DTU accommodation office and they can help you find something. 

You don't need to have this before you arrive. Do the application at the office and they should get back to you in a few weeks. You don't need it for anything unless you want to open a bank account (see above).