Montana - University of Sussex

Bachelor of Health Science
Semester 1, 2018
Everything I had hoped for and more!

Academic experience

I studied three courses whilst on exchange, the equivalent to #6 UQ units. Two of these were electives, and one was a core Part B for my degree. The courses I studied were Introduction to Accounting, Classical Political Theory and International Relations, and Gendering through the Lifecourse. My host university, the University of Sussex, enrolled me in all my courses which was awesome because it meant I didn't have to set alarms at odd hours to try and sign-on for classes. Studying at Sussex was pretty different to UQ as there is A LOT less assessment. For example, for my Classical Political Theory and International Relations course we only had one piece of assessment which was an essay. Although at first I felt like there was a lot riding on just 2000 words, I actually prefer this because it meant I could get my essay out of the way and focus on travel.

Personal experience

Going on exchange is hands down the best thing I've ever done for myself. I met an amazing group of European girls from Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Amsterdam, and Germany at an international students party in the early weeks of my exchange and the seven of us clicked straight away. We studied together, partied together, travelled together, and I was so happy to have them by my side throughout my exchange.


I lived off campus and rented a room privately in Brighton throughout my exchange which I found on the website SpareRoom. The flat itself was pretty basic but the location was awesome because it was walking distance to the beach, shops, clubs etc and because of this my place became a bit of halfway house for my friends who lived further out of town after a big night out.


Renting in Brighton was by far my biggest expense. I paid £450 a month for a double room. Second to that was transport and food. I spent £138 for a 90 day bus pass, and then another £53 for a 28 day bus pass. Food varied a lot, anywhere from £25 to £75 depending on whether I was eating out or cooking at home.

Professional Development

Participating in the UQ Abroad program gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people from many different countries and cultures which I think has made me a more affable person who can fit in with diverse groups of people.


Whilst I can't narrow down my exchange experience to one specific highlight, travelling across Europe and the UK was definitely the best part of exchange. I went to England (of course), Vienna, Czech Republic, Iceland, Hungary, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Vatican City, Spain, and Portugal.

Top tips

Go for it! I would 100% recommend going on exchange. It’s such a great opportunity to make lifelong friends, be challenged by different perspectives, and experience student life in another country.