Rachael - University of Sheffield

Bachelor of Engineering/Business Management
Semester 1, 2018

Academic experience

I studied Essentials of Marketing, International Business and Heat and Mass Transfer. The main challenge I faced was reduced contact hours, with about half the amount of tutorials I would have received at UQ and staff strikes during my time abroad. I also had some trouble with my registration process, with classes being cancelled once I arrived at the university, despite emailing the host university for confirmation. The enrolment process was mostly smooth otherwise, just difficult to find subjects that I would be able to get credit for and fit in with my program.

Personal experience

I gained friendships with people from all over the world, as most of my friends in Sheffield were also on exchange. These friendships taught me a lot about other countries and how different everyone's learning experience is. I believe that I have also become more confident and self-assured as I lived on my own and had to take care of myself for six months.


I lived in student accommodation and I really enjoyed having my own space and having to cook my own meals. I would recommend to other students going on exchange to stay on campus because it's a good way to make friends and stay connected with other exchange and local students.


My rent cost about $5000 for the semester, flights to the UK cost about $1800 and I spent about $30-50 a week on food. I would recommended budgeting for $15 000 - $20 000 depending whether you want to travel as well. 

Professional Development

I feel more open to approaching new people and starting conversations.


Being able to study and travel at the same time, with out having to stress about work and other commitments.

Top tips

Read the website carefully and email the department if you're unsure about what subjects they are offering. Take electives (rather than core subjects) whilst on exchange as the depth of coverage isn't as intense or detailed as it is at UQ.