Gokhan - Winter Abroad at Yonsei

Master of Business
January 2017

My experience

It was a spectacular experience for me. First of all, South Korea is a strong economy in Asia region and it also has a unique culture. Being in such a rich environment taught me a lot and opened my eyes to another side of the world. From the very beginning of my experience, I could tell by the application process that Yonsei University was a world-class institution because everything was handled professionally. When I first saw the campus, I was amazed by the old stone buildings and also the modern facilities that were available to us. After a brief orientation, we started our three-week intense learning sessions. I truly enjoyed the subject I chose and the teaching method that was very friendly and interactive. I specifically wanted to get a subject that would improve my understanding of leadership and people, that is why I took a psychology course. Beyond the academic aspect, we were given two options to choose from which were either Korean language or Taekwondo. I felt Taekwondo would be a better fit for me. After three hard weeks of training, I got my yellow belt and now I have an extra hobby in my life! During my time there, the university arranged two field trips for students. First one was a ski trip to a nearby mountain and the second one was a trip to Demilitarized Zone in the North Korean border. All in all, having this experience makes me feel like I know more about the world and thus I feel more self-confident in my life.