Tamaya - AIM Overseas Food and Wine Trends and Innovation

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons)
July 2017

My experience

My favorite memory from my international experience would have to be visiting one of the local vineyards from Piacenza, Azienda Agricola Montesissa. This vineyard has been family owned and operated for 5 generations, and grew a lot of grape varieties such as Barberra and Sangiovese. What I found particularly interesting is the impact that precision agriculture that is involved in vineyard management. For myself studying plant science, it was so interesting to see some of the new technologies that I have learned in class are being used on the global scale. Visiting this farm really inspired me to keep pursuing my interest in applying my knowledge in science to viticulture and sustainable agriculture. And last (but certainly not least)  the wine tasting and lunch and the end of the trip was exquisite!