Nicole - AIM Overseas Cambridge Sciences

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons)
July 2017

My experience

Having always wanted to engage in a short-term exchange at another university, I decided to participate in the Cambridge Science Summer Program. I was motivated to participate in this program because of the excellent academic reputation of Cambridge University and my keen interest in all things science. The program itself provided me with numerous opportunities to interact with world-renowned academics, learn about different areas of science and explore the many museums and labs within the University.

In addition, living in the picturesque Newnham College allowed me to build lifelong friendships with other students from all around the world. Not only did the experience help me to grow academically and foster my professional connections, the experience of studying in another country helped to develop my independence and broaden my horizons. To students considering participating in an exchange, it is a rewarding and unforgettable experience!