Grace - Winter Abroad at Yonsei

Bachelor of Health Sciences
January 2017

My experience

I have always wanted to go on exchange to Korea as my parents are Korean but have never had the chance to explore it properly. Therefore, Winter Abroad at Yonsei was the perfect program as it gave me a chance to learn about the culture whilst studying at one of the best universities in Korea. This was my first time living away from family with complete independence and therefore, truly allowed me to mature and grow as a person. I studied introductory psychology which was challenging at times but allowed me to realise the complexities of the brain. Truthfully, the most memorable experience for me was checking out the night life with all the amazing, life-long friends I made during the exchange. An absolute must is to stay in the dorms on campus if you want the true college experience. You will make tonnes of life-long friends in no time!