Jessica - KOMSTUDY

Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Languages
December 2016

My experience

I chose KOMSTUDY because I wanted to try the homestay experience, and because of its perfect timing- right between the end of semester 2 exams and Christmas. Living in Japan was an incredible experience, very different to any holiday, and showed me an entirely different side of Japan. Catching crowded public transport every day to university, exploring the heart of Tokyo after class with our new Komazawa friends and talking to my host family over the dinner table- what an incredible way to improve your language skills. There was never a dull moment as the program took us to Tokyo Disney Land, Google Japan and more and prepared fun activities such as calligraphy and karate for us. I will always be in debt to this program for the new language and life skills it taught me, as well as the many amazing friendships and memories it gave me.