Rebekah - Humboldt University Winter School

Bachelor of Arts/Laws (Hons)
January 2017

My experience

Studying at Humboldt Winter University in Berlin was nothing short of amazing. I chose a short-term course (3 weeks for one subject credit) learning about International Economic Law which was incredible to see from the EU perspective. Humboldt uni has some amazing alumni (including Karl Marx and Albert Einstein) and the international team hosted cultural events for us throughout the week. From ice skating to day trips to tours of the German Chancellery, everything was made so easy for us to meet new people and have a great time. The uni is right in the city, the accommodation only a few train stops away and the course itself is so cheap! My whole experience was made better by the city itself. Berlin is the perfect mix of modern and grunge, you will find street art next to world class museums and of course, plenty of historical places to visit all within walking distance. 100% would recommend this course and uni to anybody who is even mildly interested!