Isaac - Winter Abroad At Yonsei University

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Economics
January 2018

My experience

Having already completed an exchange for 6 months at the University of Edinburgh, I chose the Winter Abroad at Yonsei program because I wanted to experience living and studying in a city with a different pace, in this case, the sprawling metropolis of Seoul! I believe that the 3 week program offered the perfect middle ground between a holiday and full exchange - it allowed me to explore so many different areas of Seoul at my own leisure and form fantastic friendships with other students, but was jam-packed with enough extra activities (including a ski trip, DMZ tour and cooking classes) to allow me to get the most out of the relatively short time I had in the city.

While I would definitely recommend a full exchange semester if you have the opportunity, the short term program was an awesome experience and is a fantastic way to get a taste of living in a city so different to Brisbane.