Tulli - Humboldt Winter University

Bachelor of Arts/Laws
January 2018

Academic experience

I completed "The Berlin Wall and the Cold War Era" at Humboldt University in Berlin. I wanted to undertake a short-term global experience overseas to meet other students from around the world. The course was very interesting and provided an in-depth look at Germany's role in the post-WW2 European political landscape and the Cold War. Obviously, the Berlin Wall is an important historical landmark and exploring this was very interesting.


Berlin is such a fun city and it was really nice to be living and studying there. I was also fortunate enough to make some good friends which made the experience so much better. Humboldt University's winter school faculty organised some really great cultural activities too, which allowed participants to learn more about Germany's history. 

Top Tips

I would definitely recommend undertaking a short-term global experience at Humboldt - the program is really well suited for international students and relatively well-priced compared to others. The courses offered are usually also very interesting and well-suited to a wide range of degrees.