Miriam - Humboldt Winter University

Bachelor of Advanced Science (hons) and Diploma of Languages
January 2018

My experience

These holidays, I studied two courses at the Humboldt Universität - one German language course, and one in German history - the language course in particular was great fun, and I feel like my german has improved a lot. I also went on many adventures with Engelbert the Sloth while sightseeing in my spare time, and going to events organised by the university.

However, I think my favourite short-term program was being able to walk past the Berliner Dom and the Nikolai Viertel every day - and thinking about how almost every beautiful building in the city has been rebuilt in the last 70 years. Also, there is an excellent cupcake shop in the Nikolai Viertel, which is in itself a reason to go on a Short Term program to Berlin.