Hannah - Intensive French in New Caledonia

Bachelor of Laws (hons)/Arts
January 2018

My experience

This experience was really amazing! I was able to learn so much French so quickly. For me, one of the biggest things was being confident enough in my French to communicate with lots of different people. After only a short while there, I was able to use my French in a broad range of ways: from organizing pick up times and ordering food at restaurants to (eventually) discussing the culture and history of New-Caledonia with my host family. My host family was really amazing and always supportive, and it was a great experience becoming part of a family.

Additionally, I had a small research project on New-Caledonia as part of the course, I was always trying to more deeply understand the different cultures in New-Caledonia and what impacts them. This experience was one of the best things I have ever done, and I could not recommend it strongly enough!