Eliza - Universiteit Utrecht

B. Arts / Law
Semester 2, 2017

Academic experience

I studied law courses at UU. I particularly enjoyed the effort put in to make the courses interesting, including having different speakers for each lecture who were experts in the relevant topic area. It allowed me to study areas of law which are different to what UQ offers. As there were only two courses per period, the workload was easily manageable.

Personal experience

 I met people from many different countries and was exposed to so many cultures through my travels. I do wish I’d had a bit more opportunity to learn more Dutch, but the locals speak such perfect English that this is actually quite difficult to do.


I lived off campus in a building with 25 housemates. It was a really great atmosphere and luckily everyone got along well.

Definitely make sure you book through the SSH housing, as I knew a few people who were unable to find housing for the first few months of their exchange. Lack of housing is a big issue in Utrecht so you really need to be on top of it.


I’d recommend saving up as much as you can; it means you can have more experiences while you are over there. You can definitely find cheap food if you shop at the right place. You can get to other countries pretty cheaply if you travel with a bus company such as FlixBus. And getting around the city is very cheap as you can travel everywhere on your bike.

Professional development and employability

Exchange definitely has had an impact upon my confidence, and also my perspective of the world and the types of people in it. Just getting out of the little bubble that you normally live in can have a bit impact on your outlook on life.


I think just waking up in a foreign country, getting on my bike and riding to university, and then coming home to hang out with my housemates. Simple but special at the same time.

Top tips

Definitely get onto your application as soon as possible, there are a million little things which pop up last minute. I’d recommend making a list so you don’t miss anything!