Ming Yan - Waseda University

M. Financial Mathematics
Semester 2, 2017

Academic experience

I studied Japanese Language Level 2 in Waseda University. All teachers are very kind and professional, and I enjoyed studying in Waseda University. The quizzes and exams are quite easy to score a good grade.

Personal experience

The teacher spoke in Japanese most of the time, sometimes translated into English if a student couldn't understand. My Japanese Language improved a lot when studying there, especially the listening and speaking skills. I met a lot of new friends there too and travelled around Japan with new friends.


I lived off-campus, using Xcross House website to seek a room. The house is very clean and tidy, every roommate is following the rules set by Xcross House.


Rent in Tokyo is quite expensive, about A$800, while food is really cheap there. I bought "bento" from the supermarket, it only cost about A$4 each "bento". Sometimes the supermarket will offer 50% discount for bento, I can save a lot from food expenses when buying food in OK store.

Bic camera is a good place to buy cosmetic, electronic and phone sim card. Transportation in Tokyo is same as adult bus fare in Translink Queensland, since I joined the short term experience in Waseda University, so I couldn't get student offer price in taking the transportation. I suggest to buy PASMO or SUICA card, it is cheaper compared to buy ticket each time, PASMO or SUICA also available to take any transportation in Tokyo including bus, JR train and METRO train.

Professional development and employability

Improved language and communication skills


Japan lifestyle is totally different from Australia, it is good to experience the different culture there. I went to Tokyo Disneyland on Christmas day, it was really fun!

Japan is very clean country, cannot throw rubbish on the road. Japan toilet is really special to me too, it contains a different button for different use.

Top tips

  • Most of the Japanese people can't speak English very well, so I suggest that learning basic Japanese is essential before going to Japan.
  • The train map is totally complicated, do research well before going too!