Yuhsan - ESSEC Business School

M. Business
Semester 1, 2016

Academic experience

ESSEC Business school offers a wide range of courses in different fields, especially some courses related to luxury management are very attractive for me as a marketing major student. I spent two terms in ESSEC, which equal to one semester in UQ. I chose 2 French language courses, strategic and management, consumer behaviour, luxury retail management and human resource management.

I highly recommend to take some language courses during your study here, it's a good chance to meet people from different country and it would be a really good opportunity to practice your French.

Personal experience

My exchange in paris was amazing, during the six months here, my French improved quite a lot, thanks to the class also by engaging with the local life. Due to the campus is in the suburbs of Paris, almost nobody speaks English in the bakery and supermarkets, so you have to immerse yourself in the French speaking environment and try to communicate with them.

I also travelled a lot, I went to Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland. It's pretty easy and convenient to go anywhere in Europe from Paris, if you travel a lot, I suggest you take Carte de Jeune if you are under 25, it costs 50euro, and then you can purchase all the train tickets with a good discount.


I lived in the campus residence in Cergy Le Haut, however, if you are here for 3 months and not with a lot of classes, I would suggest you live in Paris or La Defanse. From Cergy to Paris is about 45 minutes by train, but sometimes the train doesn't work due to the technical problem or the strike. It would be really troublesome if there's no train in the weekend. 

I paid 620 per month for my studio, which included all the utilities, gym and other services.


Rent: 3720
Food: 2400
Transport: 420 (70 per month with pass Navigo)
Entertainment: 2000
Travel: around 2000

Professional development and employability

The classes in ESSEC are very discussion-based, you have a lot opportunity to share your opinions and interact with your classmates. Every class had students from a wide and varied range of countries, it was amazing to discuss with them because everybody has different cultural backgrounds. Being exposed to a different university and learning system really broadened my view on education and what different countries value in their education systems.


The highlight of my trip was definitely living in Paris and all the travel opportunities that came along with being in one of the largest cities in Europe.

Top tips

  • Try to learn some French before you arrive, the life will be much easier.
  • Try to apply and prepare all the document about visa or course transfer as early as you can.
  • Don't miss too many class in ESSEC, you might fail the course if you miss more than 2 classes.
  • Apply for CAF if you live here more than 3 months.
  • Enrol in the welcome programme. You will get a lot of useful information and meet other students from the exchange program.
  • Go on exchange, it won't be a wrong decision.