Yiyao - Fudan University

B. Science
Semester 2, 2014

Academic experience

The academic system at Fudan Univeristy is quite different to that at UQ. In many courses, lecture attendance is compulsory and counts towards the final mark. Rolls are marked each lesson so be sure to attend if possible.

I chose to study 2 science courses and 3 electives while at Fudan. The two science courses were developmental biology and medical anatomy. The medical anatomy course was located in a campus which was 1 hour away the main campus. There is a campus bus approximately every hour so transport is quite simple.

Personal experience

I found exchange to be an excellent opportunity, to make new friends from around the world. Since I was in China, I also took the opportunity take some Chinese language courses.


I lived in the international student dorms on the main campus. I strongly recommend living on campus as it saves a lot of hassle. To live off campus there are a lot of extra forms required and you have to register at the local authorities. If you wish to live within the student dorms you have to book reasonably early if you want to get a room as they fill up fast.


Living expenses in Shanghai are very cheap compared to Australia. If you eat at the campus cafeterias, you can usually get a full meal for under AUD$3. Transport is also very cheap. It is recommended to get a transport card if you plan on taking a lot of public transport. However, taxis are relatively cheap as well so it may be easier to simply take taxis over short distances. There are normally a few taxis waiting just outside the international dorms.

Professional development and employability

During my semester in Fudan, my Chinese improved dramatically. If you mingle with local students it will greatly assist with your spoken Mandarin.


The best part of my exchange experience was definitely the travelling. China is an extremely large and diverse country. I especially enjoyed my visit to Xi'an.

Top tips

  • Although you are on exchange and you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest, be sure to keep up on studies so you don't have to cram during finals week.
  • Also be sure to have your Visa and passport sorted as it is very complicated to sort it out when you arrive.