Julietta - Loughborough University

B. Exercise and Nutritional Science
Semester 2, 2015

Academic experience

I studied sports science, which was different from my usual nutrition and exercise science as I got to choose electives that I would never have thought I'd study before.

The main challenges were sorting out my subjects as UQ didn't provide me with much help, but Loughborough Uni ended up being so helpful with my final decisions. The exams were so much easier than UQ so it was a breeze for me academic wise, with the fact that the marks didn't accumulate to my GPA.

Personal experience

I made so many friends within the halls of residence I lived in and with the women's rugby team. I was so sad to leave them as I really connected with the people.


I lived in a hall of residence on-campus which was fantastic because it was super social as we shared a kitchen between 8 of us. One piece of advice is to definitely live on-campus as it is a much more social experience, with many events within the halls.


Budget more than you'd think! Accommodation just for 4 months in the halls of residence was around $4000, which didn't include food. I recommend also living in a university that is not in a main city because it has more of a community feel and everything is more local.

Professional development and employability

Exchange gave me much more self confidence and I really learnt what I love and what I don't love. It just makes you a better person in general and more open-minded.


My highlight was probably joining the women's rugby union team as it made the whole experience more social and I learnt so many skills whilst making friends for life. I recommend getting involved in something whether it be table tennis or a hiking society - just anything!

Top tips

  • Join a sport or society
  • Live on campus
  • Say yes to as many things as possible because it's the time in your life to make as many experiences as possible.
  • As a girl, I would recommend being self-catered because you have more freedom and if you miss dinner or breakfast it doesn't matter because you can cook yourself (and its cheaper, and less chances of putting on weight).