Logan - University of Economics, Prague

B. Business Management / Commerce
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

The courses I studied while in Prague were: 

  • Cultural History of the Czech Lands
  • Doing Business on the Russian Market
  • International Business Operations
  • Globalisation and its Economics & Social Aspects
  • Regional Economics

An enjoyable aspect of studying in Prague was the availability of a range of courses that would not be on offer at UQ. These courses allowed me to gain insights into topics such as the Russian Market and also the history of the Czech Republic.

Some of the lecturers of courses struggled with teaching in English. This signified that it often became difficult to understand them as well as what was required as a student. Through discussing with other students or emailing lecturers this was usually easily clarified.

Personal experience

I gained so many friends and contacts from not just the Czech Republic but across the world. It was brilliant to be able to study with people from such diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Going on exchange was also very valuable as it allowed me to grow as a person. Being in a country that spoke another language forced me to get out of my comfort zone. It forced me to adapt to situations, which definitely improved my confidence. 

During the semester we did a lot of travelling throughout the Czech Republic and also in neighbouring countries. The travelling aspect would definitely be what stood out as the most memorable part of my exchange.


I lived in off-campus accommodation that was organised by the university. I stayed in the Jarov III F complex. This was very enjoyable as most of the other residents in the buildings were also on exchange and were always looking for something to do!

I would recommend staying in the Jarov buildings if you want to be surrounded by other exchange students. It's very affordable at about $70 a week. Most students shared with a roommate, but I was lucky enough to get a single room. Apply early if you don't want to share! It should be noted that Jarov isn't isn't in the centre of Prague. Despite this, however, it only takes about 20 minutes to reach the centre of the old town from Jarov.


Rent was very affordable in Jarov, costing about $70 a week. Food was also very affordable regardless if you're eating out or shopping. A meal at one of the local restaurants near Jarov would cost around $10. Beer is incredibly cheap, costing about 50c for a pint!

Transport around Prague was quite affordable. You're able to get a tram pass for the semester for about $20, and Ubers cost around $5 to get home at night.

Travelling would have been my biggest expense, but it completely depends upon which countries you want to travel to, the activities you wish to undertake as well as what sort of accommodation you're looking for.

Professional development and employability

Living away from Australia is a broadening experience. While highlighting different cultures overseas, when viewing Australia from a distance one becomes more aware of the positives associated with life in Australia. It has improved my skills in relationship building, communicating and my views on the world.


The highlight would have been travelling and exploring places across Europe. Being able to wake up one morning and not knowing which country you might be in that night I thought was very exciting! My favourite trip definitely was having the chance to experience a music festival in Belgium.

Top tips

Definitely go on exchange! The opportunities to travel and meet new people are incredible, and feeling like you're part of a different culture is also very special. Exchange allows you to live in a country that you may otherwise not have the opportunity to live in.